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Sponsor a child long-distance and help an entire village

300 € per year, equal to 25 € per month are enough to support a child long-distance and to guarantee a better present future for her/him

What we can offer children:

  • Release of working children from situations of exploitation of child labour and release of girls from the terrible Sumangali system

  • Protection from any kind of violence which unaccompanied (cambiare a vulnerable) children, orphans and semi-orphans, may experience, especially girls victims of trafficking, early marriage, domestic violence and abuse.

  • Scholarships and school reintegration to guarantee for all children the right to childhood and to education and the opportunity of a having a better future.

  • School uniform and teaching material for a year

  • Health and medical care

  • Support and protection by the Local Child Protection Committees, specifically trained in the protection of children and child development, and the attention of all community of origin, sensitised and prepared to intervene in situations of distress 

  • A more serene childhood for each child who is presently living in extremely harsh conditions of great difficulty.  

What can we offer a long-distance sponsor parent like you:


  • Constant and periodic updating, with all the information concerning the sponsored child

  • exchange of letters so as to always remain in contact with one’s child

With a donation of 25€ per month, equal to only 0.80 € per day, you can change the life o fan entire village
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