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Sponsor a project for the benefit of girls

600 € per year, equal to 50 € per month are enough to support a village and its girls and to guarantee a better present and future for them

Interlife operates every day to protect children, reduce poverty, malnutrition and child exploitation which affects the most vulnerable, orphan or semi-orphan children.  


However, in the extremely poor areas in which we operate, it is especially girls who undergo particularly harsh living conditions: they are at risk of being victims of abuse and violence or early marriage. There is the risk that girls are mistreated by in-laws or even burned alive due to the dramatic phenomenon of "bride burning".

They are at risk of being sold or of being exploited in textile factories due to the Sumangali Scheme: a recurring system of exploitation of female labour adopted in India, in which a girl is forced to work even up to 12 hours a day in unhealthy conditions for three years, but actually almost none of them reach the third and last year of work:  suffering from respiratory diseases, only very few survive.

In order to deal with this terrible and silent emergency, Interlife, through a dense network of social workers in the villages, intervenes with programmes of release of child labour, long-distance sponsorships, scholarships, information and community awareness campaigns on child protection, after-school activities and afternoon support teaching to keep girls away from outdoor risks, supplies of bicycles to enable those living in the most remote villages to reach schools safely and specific nutrition plans with food supplements to fight malnutrition.   


With your precious help we can intervene immediately to help these girls’ Lives, ensure that they get the protection they need, the release of child labour, school reintegration, guaranteed meals, medical care, teaching material, a better present and future for all the girls living in very harsh conditions…

But in order to do so,
to offer them protection and the serene childhood they deserve,

With a donation of 50€ per month, equal to only 1.60€ per day, you change the life of an entire village
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