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Coronavirus knows no boundaries, the epidemic which has hit so harshly has spread rapidly worldwide.  

India has been hit severely; in the rural areas the poorest castes do not know how to protect themselves. Most of the population, mainly illiterate, lives in the villages, without access to sanitation, isolated and excluded from the information and prevention channels. 

Interlife was in the field from the very start to mitigate the risks of spread of the coronavirus in the poorest rural villages of Southern India.

Thanks to Interlife’s Mobile Clinic an extensive information campaign is being carried out for the poorest population of 160 villages on risks and on Coronavirus prevention measures: awareness raising meetings for women’s groups, signage with the prevention measures to be adopted when entering each village, more than 10, 000 informational flyers for distribution to families. 

Interlife’s health staff has already increased shifts and is working overtime to reach the homes of the poorest and illiterate population.

Besides the informational and health campaigns, in order to multiply the effects of prevention and stop the virus and the poverty worsened by the general lockdown, we are also intervening with the Toolkit model which allows us to maximise the intervention and to make it long-term and sustainable. We have launched a first production of a protective face masks and sanitisers Toolkit to be distributed in the poorest villages: an innovative system to carry out prevention, taking care of the most vulnerable and to create a circle of solidarity and development within the community.


Our Varsha, Pomathi, Kamachi, and many other beneficiaries of the  Dressmaking Toolkit, thanks to the help of many donors and to Interlife’s support locally, have immediately converted their activity into a Face Mask Toolkit and have already started to produce masks for the most vulnerable people! 
Together with them, Jenila, Mariya, Samiksha, Jancyrani, Sneha, and other wonderful women have created disinfectants and sanitisers for hands and spaces, thereby helping all their village!

Help us as well!

In the very poor villages of Southern India the health emergency is only one among many, because people living in absolute poverty are all extremely vulnerable.

Your contribution can help them NOW!

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