Create opportunities, the possibility of self-determination out of poverty, to free people from their state of need, is the challenge that Interlife arises every day.

Interlife is a Non-Governmental Organization that works in the field of international cooperation through a development model actually participating and sustainable that focuses on the person.

A model that does not just send a help, but puts in the hands of those who live in poverty concrete tools to build for himself and his family a life plan, and initiate a virtuous circle in their communities. 

Cooperation understood as sharing a journey, inspired by our guiding principles: 

  • specificity and uniqueness of each experience, which translates into a cooperation "from below", whose rhythms and methods are suggested by the different contexts, so as to design not standardized solutions, but unique, shared and sustainable;
  • participation as active and conscious involvment of local people in the creation of their well-being, that becomes the driving force of development;
  • responsibility, we believe that to achieve each objective of development is determining the sense of belonging and ownership that allows beneficiaries to be active;
  • collaboration that results in a constant teamwork, made of continuous consultations and shares
  • total transparency between us, our beneficiaries and our donors, that gives an unexpected proximity of sharing experiences. Read the agreement with the donor;
  • sustainability of each project in the long run for a real and complete autonomy of the beneficiary. Sustainability is not only design, but also environmental and socio-economic to trigger a virtuous circle within communities.


Interlife Onlus

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