Giorgia Gambini

Giorgia Gambini, a graduate in Natural Sciences with specialization in biology in France and a master’s in management of Development from the UN and a master’s in project management from nonprofit organizations, has worked as a scientific researcher for a few universities in Australia. In Africa, she has worked in the field of international cooperation, sustainable development and responsible tourism. In Italy, she is president of Interlife. She has collaborated in the field of design with one of the main Italian NGOs involved in international cooperation and with the United Nations system in the field of Fund-Raising and training.

The experience of international cooperation is added to other experiences abroad both in the humanitarian field and in the conservation and enhancement of environmental biodiversity (EU, China, Uzbekistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Kenya, Congo, Egypt, New Zealand, Australia). She gives lectures on design and quality system (Universities, associations, social enterprises).


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Cecilia Di Francescomarino

Graduated in "International Cooperation and Development Policies" and with a MASTERS from MAE in "Local Human Development and Cooperation", Cecilia worked at the UN agency dedicated to development, UNDP.

She has gained direct experience in participatory work with communities and has collaborated with various organizations and associations in Africa and Central America, in community health projects, child protection, respect for human rights, reduction of environmental vulnerability and promotion of small income-generating activities.

It is precisely because of the growing interest in social entrepreneurship applied to contexts of extreme poverty, and the meeting of the needs of Interlife's beneficiary communities, that it has designed and is developing the Toolkit model in close collaboration with all Interlife Onlus staff in Italy and abroad. She is currently engaged in Italy in activities of social planning, fight against poverty, intercultural mediation and social communication.


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Francesca Corso

After eight years as f2f coordinator for Southern Italy, with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, in 2015 Francesca decided to move to Interlife; a smaller but extremely cohesive and innovative company; where there is an air of transparency and the work characterized by great sinergy and mutual cooperation.

Her gut feeling proves to be right; many and different are the goals achieved so far and the lives of children, women and men, saved! For Interlife, she is in charge of Corporate, Foundations and Major Donors.


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 Onelio Onofrio Francioso 

Journalist, writer, sociologist, lecturer and jurist, Onelio Onofrio Francioso is a counselor for Interlife Onlus.




Emanuele C. Francia

Emanuele is a business consultant and international lawyer. He has in fact lived in several European countries (Spain, Holland, Belgium and Russia) and is currently divided between the United States, Italy and China where he is also a professor and researcher at prestigious universities. In addition to the more managerial and legal issues, he has long since combined an interest in the field of corporate social responsibility, ethics, and with his work of consulting, research and teaching, he actively promotes within companies Stakeholderism and the value of economic choices with positive impact for society as a whole and in the long term. In this area, he is an expert in the most advanced disciplines of value creation, including CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), TBL (Triple Bottom Line), ESG (Environmental, Social and governance), SBSC (Sustainable balance scorecard), Social Licence, SRI (Socially responsible Investing), Benefit Corporation and its Italian declination of the company benefit).

Finally, over the years he has collaborated with numerous non-profit organizations in educational and social projects both in Italy and China and Interlife supports the management of CSR plans and synergies with companies that collaborate in Interlife's development projects around the world.

Emanuele is an incurable optimist and firmly believes in the possibility of a better and fairer world.


 Denise Ascolesi


She graduated in humanities because of her interest in social sciences. After years of experience in f2f as Crew Manager, she decided to work in interlife for her mission, but above all for the transparency and seriousness of her staff and projects. The toolkit model gave her hope in the future for its multiplier effect. It continues to form the scope to be able to increase the fundraising that Interlife lives so that it can get to be known and expand its areas of intervention. Today, she serves as co-leader of Interlife's F2F Fundraising Team.


 Marcello Martignetti


After 3 years of experience in Face To Face as Team Leader, coordinating teams and training fundraising resources, he decided to work for Interlife for its mission and innovation of its projects. He decided to make this choice and take this path for the opportunities that Interlife can give and for the validity of the Interlife Toolkit model, an innovative project that distorts the vision of help in the field, from welfare to independence generator. In the meantime, Marcello continues to train in marketing and communication to try to give new keys to the work of the communicator and to find new methodologies to address a topic of such depth. Today he is the co-leader of the Interlife F2F Fundraising Team.


Piera Raffaella Turati

Piera collaborates with Interlife as a volunteer. She has a degree in "Political Science" and a Master's degree in "Politics and Social Planning in Developing Countries" from LSE-London School of Economics. Since 2008, she has been working for an international energy company as an expert within the unit responsible for coordinating the social responsibility and sustainability initiatives that the company develops in order to support local communities in the countries where it operates.

Before 2008, for 12 years Piera worked in the field of international cooperation for several non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governmental organizations (National Institution of Mexican Women) and international organizations (e.g. World Bank), and coordinating programs and projects aimed at supporting a sustainable local development process in many different countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Balkan region.


 Maria Elena Ferrario


 Maria Elena Ferrario has a degree in Political Science and International Relations from the Catholic University of Milan and a Master's degree in International Relations and African Studies from the Autonomous University of Madrid. She works in communication, project management and digital marketing. She has taken part in several international cooperation projects, collaborating with NGOs in Italy and abroad (Spain, Albania, Ethiopia) and following the design, external communication, relations with institutional donors and the phases of evaluation and monitoring. Specifically, she has worked in the field of rural development, microcredit and development of women's entrepreneurship. She is currently working in the field of digital communication and marketing as Campaign Specialist for Google Adwords.




 Philanthropic consultancy company, founded by Sabrina Ribaudo and Danilo Bucchieri, focused on supporting holistic, long-term projects and programmes in some of the world’s poorest communities, helping people to build better futures, for themselves and their families,  make real and lasting changes in their lives, break the cycle of poverty, take control of their own futures.

Moves Raising collaborates with Interlife in the following areas:
- design and propose programs and projects to major donors,
- management control and analytical reporting.

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