Interlife Onlus and EMBS - European Master in Business Studies - are pleased to launch the new social game,
 LIFE in a BOX, to help the poorest families in the south of India, giving them a Toolkit Goat and Milk!

The Goat and Milk Toolkit is a simple and effective way to reduce poverty, because it offers:

  •  theoretic and practical lessons on breeding and marketing of goat milk
  •  a goat to breed
  •  food for it to grow and
  •  materials to build a fence where look after it!

In some areas of the world one goat can change the life of an entire family, but there is more: with your help and the support of those who accept the challenge of LIFE IN A BOX, the families that will receive the Toolkit Goat and Milk, after completing the theoretical training and have grown their own goat, can help other family by giving them a newborn goat, triggering a virtuous and solidarity cicle within the community.

Join now the "LIFE IN A BOX game"!!

It's that easy!
You only have to design your personal toolkit
and challenge your friends to donate a real TOOLKIT!

How to join it?

You'll have to think of a set of objects that you can’t live without, take a photo and share it on your social profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) with the ashtags  #lifeinaboxgame    #mychallengetoolkit    #interlife, point and tag your friends and challenge them to do the same! Your post must contain the link address to this page or the donation page for the toolkit Interlife, so, after publishing the post with your ideal Toolkit, don’t forget to DONATE ...  and help create a real Toolkit!            

"Life in a box" is a game for all ages, and customizable for a good cause!

It will be fun to compete with their friends and family and see how they change the personality, tastes and needs and how we can express them through a few objects.

Play with us: Shoot, Challenge and ... DONATE!

  •  € 1 could provide a poor family with weekly fodder for its goat;
  •  € 5 could buy equipment for milking and milk storage or raw materials to build a fence where look after the goat;
  •  € 10 coud fund a session of training on breeding or goat milk storage and marketing;
  •  € 45 coud give a poor family in India a goat and the opportunity to build a better future!

Participate in LIFE IN A BOX!





 LIFE IN A BOX game is a project of Fundraising aimed to raise funds for the toolkit project of Interlife, born from the partnership between the EMBS - European Master in Business Studies – and Interlife Onlus, at the initiative of three EMBS students involved in the launch of fundraising campaign: Carlotta Cattelani, Antonella Lioine, Carla Lazzari.

 For more informations please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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