Newsletter October 2020

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- October 2020 -

These months have been very hard for everyone, but we would like to resume our regular newsletter, to send you our warmest greetings and some updates on what we are doing and how much we appreciate your help and for what the many donors like you have done.

COVID 19 Emergency in India

Over 8 million cases of COVID19 have been registered in India to date.

Visite di prevenzione domiciliari
Overtaking Brazil, India has become the second country after the United States with the most coronavirus infections in the world.
In southern India, and particularly in Tamil Nadu where we operate, the number of infected continues to rise dramatically. Interlife immediately took action to deal with the spread of the epidemic: our nurses have been working non-stop for months to prevent COVID19, through home visits, and village to village information campaigns; through our operators we have  distributed masks, hand sanitizer, and household sanitizers to thousands of families.
Visite di prevenzione domiciliari


 Unfortunately, however, the mandatory quarantine that has been going on for months, is putting the whole population in a situation of enormous discomfort, especially the most fragile, the poor, women, and the elderly.

Distribuzione di beni alimentari

There is a shortage of everything, even food supplies. Unemployment has reached alarming levels, and the number of households in extreme poverty is growing rapidly.

In order to respond also to this "emergency within the emergency", we have activated humanitarian aid operations in many districts of the country with the distribution of food and basic necessities to the most needy families.

File distribuzione viveri

Unfortunately, requests are increasing day by day with hundreds of families lining up from the early hours of the morning.

To date we have managed to help 2050 families.

Our operators in the field have declared

"We had not seen such charitable action to us in our area. This is an unmemorable help to us. It saved the life of our children, elders and our family”. "Non abbiamo mai visto un'azione così solidale nei nostri confronti. Questo è un aiuto memorabile per noi. Ha salvato la vita dei nostri bambini, anziani e delle nostre famiglie".

And if this has been possible, it is thanks to your precious support and the contribution of all Interlife donors to whom we extend our sincerest thanks.

But the emergency is still ongoing, and we cannot stop.

We will continue with our programs of health care, information and prevention, protection, and food aid for families in extreme poverty. 

Interlife Toolkit also in emergencies

Interlife Toolkits are a powerful tool to promote development, social cohesion, personal redemption, the start-up chain of work activities and micro-enterprises... something you have heard many times.


But there’s something more we want to tell you. Interlife Toolkits are proving to be very useful even in a time of emergency and great difficulty like this.In these hard months, in fact, we have been able to convert our tailoring Toolkits and turn them into units producing masks, guaranteeing the provision of protection even in the most isolated villages.

Watch this short video to see them in action >.

Toolkit Igienizzanti

A new Toolkit was also born from this moment of crisis: a very useful Toolkit that has united 5 women from different villages in the production of sanitizers and sanitary products otherwise unobtainable on site. As soon as the emergency ends, this income-generating activity can be transformed into a household hygiene products production activity and create a new Toolkit to benefit 5 other women.

Finally, our traditional Toolkits have continued to bear fruit, guaranteeing food security to hundreds of families while the rest of the country was completely dependent on the unsecured supply of food products, made impossible due to the blockage of heavy transport in the various areas of the country, and from the cities to the countryside and vice versa. The families benefiting from our Toolkits have been able to have the bare necessities thanks to the Toolkit and to share this opportunity with other people. Thanks to the special permits for humanitarian activities enjoyed by our operators, and in compliance with security measures, the distribution activities of new Interlife Toolkits have not stopped and dozens and dozens of new families have received an incredible new opportunity with the Toolkits.

I nuovi Toolkit durante il COVID

Even in emergencies, therefore, the Interlife Toolkit model is able to multiply solidarity and provide sustainable assistance to the most needy, transforming it into a circle of development and well-being for the entire community.

Amici... and beyond

Do you remember the AMICI project? This is an important project carried out in Ivory Coast between 2017 and 2018, promoted by the Ministry of the Interior in partnership with CIAI, Italian Center for Child Aid, in which Interlife participated as a technical partner for the launch of 3000 Interlife toolkits for young people at risk of migration.

Preview Video CI

We have already told you about it, we are proud of the results of the project and the great economic and social impact it has left on the territory.

In case you missed it, click here to watch the video dedicated to the AMICI project.

Today, however, we want to tell you what happens in the villages where the projects were carried out, rural villages in the north of the Ivory Coast almost on the border with Burkina Faso, where hundreds and hundreds of young people, without any prospects, received vocational training and, with the Toolkits, an incredible job opportunity, the possibility to start their own agro-pastoral activity with which to support their families.

Their lives have changed in a few months, they have become small entrepreneurs and today they are ready to share the opportunity they received with other less fortunate young people. The AMICI project ended a long time ago but the last beneficiaries of the Toolkit have not forgotten their commitment to the community and the Toolkit model, a commitment that in these days and in the coming weeks, they can proudly maintain, creating and donating new Toolkits to other young people in neighboring villages.


Madadam Boliné is among these new donors: she received her Interlife Toolkit shortly before the end of the AMICI project and did not think she would succeed. The first months were for her a continuous succession of things to learn, but she continued to work hard to grow her farm and now she has found the smile and confidence: in a short time she became a breeder, a small entrepreneur and today can contribute personally and donate a new Interlife Toolkit and then an opportunity to redeem another young.

With the Toolkit model, Mme Bolinè, like the other beneficiaries, have come a long way in recent months. A path of personal growth for hundreds of people and a process of local growth fast and effective, was started and continues in these villages thanks to the Interlife Toolkit, and, through our operators who continue to follow all the beneficiaries of the project, is extending incredibly to new villages; although AMICI has concluded, the effects of Interlife’s agropastoral activities have increased over time, and our toolkits continue to multiply autonomously giving rise to a new generation of completely endogenous beneficiaries. The power of replicability of the Toolkit has also exceeded the official end of the project, and continues to sow food security, well-being and solidarity, demonstrating once again that commitment, participation and generosity knows no limits!

Interlife goes back to action... and flies to the Ivory Coast!

Mostra Abidjan

After the great interest generated in Italy last December at the Museo della Permanente, the Photographic Exhibition entitled "Ivory Coast: Culture and cooperation through the eyes of NGOs" - promoted by the humanitarian organization NADUK and the Embassy of the Ivory Coast in Italy, which we would like to sincerely thank - arrives in Côte d'Ivoire.

The exhibition, curated by Simona Vidoni, was inaugurated on the 9th October last year at the prestigious Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire, in Abidjan - Ivory Coast - with the patronage of the Première Dame de Côte d'Ivoire and the Ivorian Ministry of Culture and Francophonie. The forty-five photographs that make up the exhibition will be on display until November 9th, 2020 at the Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire, promoted by fifteen Italian organizations, including Interlife Onlus. 


HERE the photos from the opening of the exhibition in Italy last December.


After school centers

Doposcuola all'aperto

Since March 2020 schools of all levels are closed in Tamil Nadu due to COVID and will not reopen before 2021. In these rural areas without electricity everything is lacking and distance learning is not possible.

But COVID has not stopped our children, from having the desire to learn, the right to education and it is our duty to accompany them in their growth. Conditions have changed, we have all had to adapt and learn to live with an almost invisible enemy, but respecting the good hygienic and social distancing rules, our children continue to study and follow the after-school activities organized outdoors by Interlife.

In Tamil Nadu, thanks to Interlife's 25 after-school centers, afternoon educational activities have continued for over 1245 children. Here are our little ones who follow the outdoor lessons and are eager to learn.

Visite Anemia Bimbi

Unfortunately, however, the closure of the schools has brought another very serious consequence. As part of the Emergency Childhood and Distance Support program, our nurses visited Interlife's young children one by one, and found that their health situation, and in particular their anemia levels, were significantly worse. Of the 1245 children following our afternoon activities, 625 were found to be anemic, with a haemoglobin value of less than 11 g/dL.

Due to the closure of schools for months, in fact, the children were forced to skip even the free midday school meal - usually scheduled on school days -, the single most important meal of the day for the children of the poorest families. Covid19 has thus further aggravated the already harsh situation of poverty in which the children live and their state of health.

If you would like to join us, to ensure they have safe meals and a healthier, more balanced growth, you can choose to support the Emergency Childhood program or donate dietary supplements now to support our children as they grow up while they wait for school life to return to normal.


We look forward to new updates from the field
and we hope with good news for all of us.

A big greeting from all the staff of Interlife

Newsletter December 2019

Interlife Orizz RGB

Always with Interlife

- December 2019 -

Dear Friends and Supporters of Interlife,

2019 was a very intense year for us, full of satisfaction and new challenges alongside the many and many beneficiaries of Interlife, especially the younger ones.

The year opened with a big emergency... Bringing aid to the people affected by the terrible cyclone nicknamed Gaja that in November 2018 devastated Tamil Nadu and the areas where Interlife operates.

Gaja Cyclone Emergency

From the very first hours our local partners in Tamil Nadu started to provide first aid to thousands of displaced people who lost everything! It is from them that we received a heartfelt appeal just a few hours after the catastrophe that was "100 times worse than that of Tsunami in 2004" (100 times more devastating than the Tsunami in 2004).

Interlife intervened immediately to donate basic necessities to the victims: food, rice, blankets, flashlights and protective sheets to give shelter to the hundreds of families who saw their homes and businesses destroyed by the cyclone.



Maternal and Child Health

Interlife's commitment also continues for another silent emergency concerning Maternal and Child Health. The lack of health and hospital services and the great poverty in the most remote rural areas of Tamil Nadu make the last months of pregnancy and the first months of life particularly difficult and risky for mothers and their children.

As early as 2016, Interlife started a maternal and child health program at the level of rural villages excluded from health services through an equipped "mobile clinic" and the work of professional midwives.


The main purpose of the program is to prevent the death of mothers and children during pregnancy and childbirth and in the first year of life for the babies, ensure proper nutrition, monitor vital values, conduct information and awareness campaigns, intervene in the most urgent cases.

The growing demand and the vital importance of these services has led us to significantly increase the area of intervention well beyond the 25 villages planned at the beginning of the project. To respond promptly to these vital needs, Interlife's maternal and child health program currently covers an area of 100 villages.


In addition to the medical intervention, the program includes specific meetings to raise awareness and information on maternity, hygiene and nutrition. All pregnant women and mothers in the area attend at least 1 day of training where health experts give instructions on personal hygiene, food and nutritional information to access government health centers for childbirth and physical exercises necessary to avoid complications during the birth of the child. At the end of the training each participant receives a clear, illustrated instruction manual on maternal and child health with the main medical indications necessary for the health of the mother and child during and after pregnancy.

During 2019, we reached and assisted 765 women and mothers in a territory of 100 rural villages in Tamil Nadu, intensifying our work to respond to all the demands of the territory.



Interlife Toolkit in Ivory Coast

The A.M.I.C.I. Project, Mise en oeuvre de solutions Alternatives à la Migration Irrégulière pour jeunes et enfants en Côte d'Ivoire, financed by the Italian Ministry of Interior and implemented by the Italian organization CIAI, lead organization, and Interlife onlus, has been concluded in Ivory Coast.

The results were really impressive and the project was the focus of a SROI analysis on the impact of the project activities on the beneficiary population.

From the first 1,500 Interlife Toolkits donated to 1,500 young people, it was possible to double the number of beneficiaries and related activities to reach a total of 3,000 micro-enterprises and as many direct beneficiaries, for a total of over 15,000 indirect final beneficiaries.

For all these people, the Toolkit has changed their lives in terms of food and economic security: certified studies have shown that 90% of the beneficiaries were able to supplement their daily diet, based mainly on rice, corn and the family harvest, by purchasing other foods; moreover, for 84% of the beneficiaries, receiving a Toolkit meant going from just one daily meal to three meals a day.

As regards the economic value generated, it has been calculated that the commercial value of the agro-pastoral products obtained by the first generation Toolkits for the first production cycle varies between 150 and 500 € per beneficiary for a total of between 450,000 and 1,500,000 € considering the 3000 beneficiaries. The production was destined not only to family consumption but also to the market for a sales value calculated at 104 euro. Multiplying this figure with the number of first generation beneficiaries gives an important figure: 164,000 euros, net of family consumption. 

Alongside these figures and the productive impact of the activities, there is another added value, typical of the Toolkit: the ability to double the investment received. Thanks to the leverage effect typical of the model, the first 1500 beneficiaries of the project, who started the Toolkit thanks to the funding of the Ministry, actively participated in the project and contributed to the creation of another 1500 Toolkits with their personal contribution, enhanced and certified, higher than the initial funding of the Ministry of Interior and equal to 661,337.00 €.

It is only thanks to this important contribution of the beneficiaries and the multiplicative effect of the Toolkit model that it has been possible to double the number of beneficiaries for the same investment..

An incredible success for the Toolkit model and for all those who believed, invested and worked hard to multiply the opportunity received with the Toolkit and the results for their families and the entire community.

In the following video, an excerpt from the reportage of RTI - Ivorian Radio Television dedicated to the project, the words of the Italian Ambassador to Ivory Coast and the testimonies of the beneficiaries and the project staff. 


Conference on the Interlife Toolkit model - Lombardy Region

It was held on the 30th May, 2019 at the Sala Gonfalone of Palazzo Pirelli -Regione Lombardia, the conference to present the Interlife Toolkit model "Invert the Trend".

The evening was attended by the Ambassador of the Ivory Coast in Italy, His Excellency Janine Tagliante-Saracino, the Vice-President of the Regional Council Francesca Brianza, the President of Interlife Onlus Giorgia Gambini, the Regional Councillor Massimiliano Bastoni, the Undersecretary for relations with international delegations Alan Rizzi, Prof. Rizzi, Prof. Gambini, the President of Interlife Onlus. Giuseppe De Luca Professor of Economic History at the University of Milan, Marco Zibardi - Head of SEA Events and Relations with Onlus, and Riccardo Bonacina - Founder and editorial coordinator of Vita, who moderated the conference.

You can read an excerpt from the speeches in the article of

Interlife Toolkit on RAI News 24

The Interlife Toolkit model and the projects of our humanitarian organization were covered during the special broadcasting of Rai News 24 on December 8th, 2019.

In the interview of Angela Caponnetto, special correspondent of Rai News 24, to President Giorgia Gambini, the concrete results of the Interlife Toolkit model that gives opportunity and freedom of choice to thousands of vulnerable families.

The video interview is available on



Many thanks to the journalist, special correspondent, Angela Caponnetto, Editor-in-Chief Irene Stracuzzi and all the staff of Rainews 24

New smiles for Interlife

The Interlife family is growing and the fundraising team is expanding: from September 2019 some wonderful guys joined Interlife and they never cease to surprise us: Marcello, Denise, Vlad and Rukaia, our warmest welcome!


And with their beautiful smiles we say bye to you with affection and we’ll see you in the next NewsLetter.

A warm greeting from all the Interlife staff

Newsletter April 2020

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- April 2020 -

At this very difficult time, we want to be even closer and remind you that we at Interlife Onlus are always available.

We want to tell you what we are doing to face the terrible emergency of the Coronavirus that has affected the whole world, including the very poor rural areas in the south of the world where we are helping.

Our commitment has not stopped, we always continue with great strength on our mission to help the most vulnerable people. In the very poor villages of India, the Coronavirus is spreading with great speed and, without adequate health services, it will become a catastrophe soon!

Cisite di prevenzione domiciliari

We immediately launched a Mobile Clinic and started a large information campaign about the risks and measures to prevent Coronavirus for the poorest rural population of 160 villages reaching more than 5000 families.

Interlife's medical staff has intensified shifts and is working overtime to reach the poorest and most illiterate population, house to house, distributing information material, safety devices and cleaning products.

We have already set up information services, cognitive material for illiterate people and home visits thanks to our nurse.

But everything is missing: there is still a lot to do and we need help!

 In these villages, without health services, people living in absolute poverty are ALL extremely and equally vulnerable.

To learn more and help us to spread the information in a timely manner and prevent the spread of the epidemic click HERE

sorriso di auguri e di speranza

We know how hard this moment is for everyone, but we firmly believe that we cannot stop and that it is important to do everything in our power to stem the spread of the virus and, together, bring hope and opportunities to those who do not have them.

We greet you with the smile from one of the girls in our projects,
that also thanks you for your contribution,
and today tells the power of hope and solidarity.

We are all united in this very difficult moment for Italy and the World.

We remain united and stronger and stronger... many threads of the same weft.

Best wishes for a Happy Easter, full of hope and joy.

A warm embrace from all of us at Interlife.

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