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The children that Interlife local staff meets every day are orphans, lonely children, entrusted to grandparents too old, or brothers and older sisters, not yet old enough, to take care of them. Boys and girls abused or sold as cheap labor and forced to work more than 12 hours a day in terrible conditions.

To ensure all these children serene childhood to which they are entitled, Interlife proposes a program of Distance Support 360° which aims to provide protection, medical care, food security and education to the poorest children of the rural districts of Tamil Nadu..

The program also foresee to train 590 local operators on the subject of child protection and child development and to establish 6 support groups for Children who are covering more than 4,500 children living in the area of intervention..

To be really close, to the children and their problems, we need the attention of the whole community and the help of all: the Distance Support can make special their present and a better future for everyone, but to do soo

It is important to act NOW!


With a contribution of 50 € per month we guarantee:

  • Redemption of working children from situations of child labor and redemption of girls from the Sumangali system  
  • Protection from all forms of violence to which are exposed the alone children, orphans or semi-orphans, especially girls victims of trafficking, early marriage, domestic violence and abuse
  • Scholarships and school reintegration to ensure all children the right to childhood and education and offer them the chance of a better future
  • School uniform and educational materials for one year
  • Health and medical care
  • A Toolkit and the possibility to start up a little income generation activity for the parents or guardian of the children 
  • Support and protection by the Local Committees for childhood compounds from 590 local operators specially trained in child protection and child development, and the attention of the entire community of origin, sensitized and prepared to intervene in situations of distress
  • Constant updates and periodic to each donor with all information relating to the child that supports remote
  • More serene childhood for each child at this time living in harsh conditions of great difficulty.

Just a small contribution can radically change the lives of these children. Only pennies a day can ensure their DISTANCE SUPPORT, education and protection. There is no time to lose. Choose now the distance support!

  1. Recurring system of exploitation of women's work in India adopted by the owners of textile factories for which a girl is forced to work 12 hours a day in unhealthy conditions for three years and at the end of the third year receives a payment of 30,000 rupees [about € 353]. No girl can usually conclude three years of work as they are affected by respiratory diseases such as asthma, allergies, eosinophilia etc. So they return from sick in their villages where they spend their last days or disappear without a trace.

  2. Trade by selling them to brothels or to the owners of textile factories that exploits them according to the Sumangali system.

  3. Infanticide, selective abortions, violence and the dramatic phenomenon of "bride burning", a crime that is because the groom or his family found them inadequate the dowry brought by the wives’ families.

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