Projects carried out

Project: Redeeming the community of untouchables: protection of vulnerable boys and girls and fight against poverty and malnutrition

Country: India

Duration: 12 months

Total project amount:

€ 39,891

Status: in progress

Start: 20.11.2019->20.12.2020

Financing Body: Religious Foundation

Lead Organization: Interlife

Tender: Otto per Mille

Integrated project for the protection of minors that combines actions for the protection of children, school reintegration, afternoon accompaniment with the launch of AGR for parents according to the Toolkit model

Project: Protect Life

Country: India

Duration: 12 months

Importo totale del progetto:

€ 62.000

Status: concluso


Financing Body: Banking Foundation

Lead Organization: Interlife

Project for Maternal and Child Health and Protection of Mothers and Children in Tamil Nadu

Project: AMICI1 - Implementation of alternative solutions to irregular migration for youth and children in Ivory Coast

Country: Ivory Coast

Duration: 24 months

Importo totale del progetto:

€ 3.008.481,55

Status: concluso

Avvio 01.01.17 -> 20.12.18

Financing Body: Italian Ministry of Interior

Tender: Italian Ministry of Interior - projects of cooperation and assistance to third world countries in the field of immigration and asylum (Public Notice MININT_RELINT 2019)

Lead Organization: CIAI

Role of Interlife: technical partner for the launch of 3000 Interlife Toolkits for 3000 young people at risk of migration

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