Projects in progress

Project: AMICI 2 - Social Cohesion for the Protection of Minors in the Ivory Coast

Country: Ivory Coast

Duration: 36 months

Total amount of the project:

€ 998.885

Status: to start - pending agreement

Financing Body: Ministry of Interior

Announcement: Ministry of Interior - projects of cooperation and assistance for third world countries in the field of immigration and asylum (Public Notice MININT_RELINT 2019)

Lead Organization: CIAI

Role of Interlife: technical partner for the start-up of 30 Group Microenterprises and through a virtuous circuit of solidarity, the start-up of further 30 individual AGRs according to the Interlife Toolkit model.

Project: PICAPS - Project of systemic approach to combat the deep causes of Child Labour Exploitation

Country: Burkina Faso

Duration: 38 months

Total project amount:

€ 1.999.399,73  

Status: in progress

start 01.06.18 -> 31.08.21

Financing Body: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Annoucement: AICS 2017 - Italian Agency Cooperation and Development

Lead Organization: CIAI

Role of Interlife: technical partner for the launch of 1000 Interlife Toolkits for 1000 mothers and their children at risk of child exploitation

Project: Post-emergency and redemption of the Untouchables community affected by Cyclone Gaja and COVID19

Country: India

Duration: 12 months

Total project amount:

€ 19,691

Status: in progress

Financing Body: Private Foundation

Lead organization: Interlife

Emergency and post-emergency humanitarian project in favor of the communities affected by Cyclone Gaja and the Covid19 health crisis still ongoing. Interventions of food and health assistance and reconstruction of the rural economic fabric with the start of income-generating and food security activities

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