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Interlife is a not-for-profit organisation that operates in the field of international cooperation through a model of truly participatory and sustainable development that focuses on the individual.

A model that does not just send help but puts concrete tools in the hands of those who live in poverty to build a life project for themselves and their families and helps them to start a virtuous circle in their community. 


Specificity and uniqueness of each experience, which translates into “bottom-up” cooperation,  whose pace and methods are determined according to the different contexts, so as to design solutions that are not standardised, but unique, shared and sustainable;

Participation understood as the active participation of local populations in the creation of their well-being, which becomes a driving force for development

Responsibility, we believe that the sense of belonging and ownership that allows the beneficiaries to be active protagonists is crucial to achieving every development goal.


which translates into constant teamwork, made up of continuous consultations and sharing


total between us, our beneficiaries and our donors, which gives an unexpected closeness of sharing experiences. Read the agreement with the donor

Sustainability of each project in the long term for a real and complete autonomy of the beneficiary. Not only planning sustainability, but also environmental and socio-economic sustainability to trigger a virtuous circle within communities

Environment,  all our projects are designed with great attention to nature ensuring a long-term impact and balanced, responsible and lasting growth.

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