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Interlife Onlus began as the Social Projects and International Cooperation Area of the Itard Centre in Milan (, an organisation established in 1987 which now has over 20 years of experience in social planning.


In 2012, Interlife became an autonomous and independent not-for-profit organization. The staff is composed of a pool of experts with decades of experience in international cooperation and humanitarian aid.

Over the years Interlife's areas of intervention have covered:

·     the design of social, environmental and international cooperation and development utilities and projects;

·    the coordination of project administration;

·    the design and joint design of training courses within development and cooperation plans;

·    the management of development projects and of cohesion building activities of beneficiary communities, in collaboration with local partners and mediators;

·    the development of partnerships with associations, NGOs, international, national and local organisations with the direct involvement of aid/development workers.


All these activities have been possible thanks to the collaboration of a large network of experts and consultants, with proven experience in planning and international cooperation, gained both in Italy and in developing countries.


Interlife is registered in the ONLUS single registry of the Revenue Agency (art. 11 D.Lgl 4/12/1997, no.460 and art.1 ministerial decree 18/07/2003, no.266).

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