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Improve in practice the living conditions of thousands of unemployed persons in the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Africa and India, through the start-up of Banana cultivation activities, so that they may escape the poverty trap and offer them an alternative to the risks of emigration and an opportunity of having a future life in their Country.



​• Raw materials: 750 banana rhizomes for the farming of an entire hectare of land

• Equipment and work materials: hoes, shovels, machetes, nebuliser, wheelbarrow and agricultural tools
• Vocational training course and teaching material on the cultivation, collection and storage of bananas.
• Training on the management of small-scale economic activities and marketing.
• Networking: support for the formation of a banana producers’ cooperative.
• Personal and economic well-being for all the family
• Assistance for the donation of a Toolkit to another person!!

With a donation of 50€ per month, equal to only 1.66 € per day, you change the life of an entire village
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