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Interlife has been operating in Africa since 2016: in the Ivory Coast, in an international cooperation project, launched in collaboration with CIAI (Italian Child Aid Center) and funded by the Ministry of the Interior, and in Burkina Faso in a project funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Specifically, Interlife will take care of offering 4,000 unemployed youth and young mothers between the age of 16 and 40, training and work opportunities, with the distribution of 4,000 Interlife Toolkits able to offer future chances of work and personal and economic well-being to thousands of families.



Interlife Onlus presently operates in Southern India in favour of the most vulnerable communities and the poorest castes of Indian society. In this area, where one in four people live below the poverty line, Interlife Onlus supports vulnerable children, orphans or semi-orphans, working children, women and men living in extreme poverty, the elderly and sick people every day, working in direct contact with communities and in close collaboration with a dense network of local organisations officially recognised by the Central Government.

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