Interlife Onlus’ fiscal code for 5x1000 is 07988580960

Deciding to commit your 5x1000 to Interlife onlus is simple and cost-free.

You only need to sign in the top left box of the tax return form at the section “Support to the voluntary sector…” and insert our fiscal code , like in the example.

In the 730, CU and Unico models, there is a specific section for the 5x1000  allocation, divided in 6 parts: The top left one is that for the  "SUPPORT OF THE VOLUNTARY SECTOR AND OF THE OTHER NOT-FOR-PROFIT PUBLIC BENEFIT ORGANISATIONS, OR SOCIAL PROMOTION ASSOCIATIONS AND RECOGNISED FOUNDATIONS OPERATING IN THE SECTORS  MENTIONED IN ART. 10, P. 1, LETT A),OF  D.LGS. NO. 460 OF 1997."


Also those who do not complete a tax return, that is those who only have the CU model provided by the employer or by the entity paying the pension, can allocate the 5x1000. 


 Insert Interlife Onlus’ fiscal code 07988580960 
and sign to support us with your 5x1000.

Recommend Interlife Onlus to your friends and don’t forget that:

·         Committing the 5x1000 does not cost anything, because it is a share of taxes which the State forgoes

·         You can commit your 5x1000 even if you do not complete your tax return. It is enough to request the supplementary sheet, fill it in and hand it in cost-free to the bank, thse accountant or the tax assistance office. They will do the rest!

·         You may sign for both the 5x1000 and 8x1000

·         the 5x1000 allocation is anonymous. Should you wish to express your preference for Interlife onlus, write to us at the address we will be happy to thank you!

Contact us for further information. 


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