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Post-emergency  Gaja Cyclone and Covid 19 Emergency    Fondazione Prosolidar

An important emergency, post-emergency and release for the most vulnerable communities in India project, implemented thanks to the precious contribution of Fondazione Prosolidar.

Thanks to the contribution of Fondazione Prosolidar, it has been possible to implement the project "Post-emergency and release for the community of untouchables hit by Cyclone Gaja – Tamil Nadu, India " and this has enabled us to help more than  3,200 people.

The project has been carried out in the poorest rural areas of the Southern State of Tamil Nadu, in India, where the disadvantaged marginalised communities of untouchables live, in conditions of chronic malnutrition and exploitation of child labour, worsened by natural events and presently by the spread of the COVID-19  pandemic.  

The Project started in February 2020 with the specific objective of assisting the population hit by the fury of Cyclone Gaja and subsequently by the serious economic and occupational effects of COVID-19 and of the lockdown, with the purpose of guaranteeing food and socio-economic  security for disadvantaged communities and for the most vulnerable families who live in the poorest areas of the Districts of Pudukkottai and Thanjavur, in Tamil Nadu.

To this purpose the project has included integrated actions of post-emergency and reconstruction of the rural economic fabric, food and health security and the launch of income-generating activities based on the innovative Interlife Toolkit model.


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