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Intervene in case of emergency and assist pregnant women in the most remote and inaccessible areas of Southern India, where there are no health clinics or professional nurses and where poverty puts the lives of many newborn infants and their mothers at risk every day.


According to the World Health Organization, India has one of the highest maternal and neonatal mortality rates in the World.  


Public transport does not reach the rural areas where we operate and pregnant women who are too poor to call private ambulances  do not manage to reach the hospital – several tens of km from their village -  not only for check-ups during pregnancy but especially at the critical moment of childbirth.


Their health and those of the newborn infant are therefore too often precarious! But…poverty cannot and must not stop Life.

Assistance from specialised staff, periodic screening, food supplements, tonics for mothers suffering from malnutrition and for underweight newborn infants, and quick intervention in case of emergency, will allow us to save many many Lives, for a whole year, and this will be possible also thanks to your precious help!

Monthly cost of sterile medical device for our nurses  360€/year equal to  30€/month ... only 0.97 cents per day:
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