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SoftPhone and Interlife in the Ivory Coast

An important collaboration between  SoftPhone and Interlife Onlus
to offer real food security and personal and economic opportunities  
to hundreds of young people and their families in the Ivory Coast.


Thanks to SoftPhone’s donation we have distributed 170 Toolkits and helped 850 people in Africa.

Innovation, empowerment, optimisation of resources and an improvement of the experience are aspects which associate the work of Softphone and Interlife, which through its Toolkits offers growth opportunities related to training, work and relationships to people living in extremely vulnerable conditions. 

 Interlife has been operating in Africa since 2016, specifically in the Ivory Coast and in Burkina Faso, with two ministry-financed projects, to offer to approximately 4,000 unemployed youth between the ages of 16 and 40, more than 4,000 Interlife Toolkits capable of creating real work and personal and economic well-being opportunities for thousands of families.

The collaboration between SoftPhone and Interlife has fitted in the context of a project of the Italian Home Affairs Ministry: a project with a great impact and significant results, designed to offer 3,000 youth, through Interlife Toolkits, work and food security opportunities locally, with vocational training and the start-up of small scale agro-pastoral economic activities.

In a very harsh context of extreme poverty – in which  3/4 of the population between the ages of  16 and 40 does not work or works occasionally due to the lack of education and skills, no access to credit and to the initial resources to start-up their activity -  the only solution seems to be that of leaving everything also risking one’s life. Instead, thanks to the Interlife Toolkits, the unemployed youth will receive specific vocational training on agro-pastoral topics and can thereby start-up an economic activity locally as an alternative to the extreme choice of leaving their homeland in the dangerous search for a better future beyond the African coast.

SoftPhone has chosen to join Interlife and to donate  the large number of 170 Toolkits in favour of 170 families and of more than 850 benefiting persons.  

Specifically, thanks to SoftPhone and to the practical social responsibility of the company, the following have been delivered:

- 1,150 hens and 115 chicken for a total of 115 Poultry Toolkits

- 45 goats, for a total of 15 Goat Toolkits

- 120 sheep, for a total of 40 Sheep Toolkits.

Moreover, SoftPhone has continued its commitment by contributing to an important project also in Burkina Faso with the purpose of guaranteeing community protection and prevention of the exploitation of child labour.

It is not simply a donation, but a gesture of great social responsibility, for which we give our heartfelt thanks to SoftPhone and its directors:
an important action capable of reinvesting in the community, just like Interlife Toolkits,
in a relentless virtuous circle of growth, well-being and development, which we hope will see  SoftPhone and Interlife united for a long time.



SoftPhone e Interlife per il progetto "Intervento per la sicurezza alimentare e la nutrizione in sostegno alle popolazioni in Costa D'Avorio". 

Dal 2022 SoftPhone ha scelto di sostenere nuovamente Interlife, decidendo di co-finanziare, insieme alla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, un progetto che ha degli importanti e ambizioni obiettivi di supporto alle popolazioni locali della Costa D'Avorio. 

Gli obiettivi generali del progetto sono di: 

- Garantire sicurezza alimentare ad ogni beneficiario coinvolto

- Promuovere un'idea di agricoltura sostenibile nel tempo

In relazione, invece, agli obiettivi specifici: 

-Stimolare e conciliare le attività dei piccoli produttori del sistema alimentare e dei servizi pubblici di Bouna e Téhini.

-Supportare la creazione di micro-imprese

I risultati attesi del progetto sono molto ambizioni, tali che hanno portato SoftPhone a scegliere di sostenere nuovamente Interlife: 

- Supporto a 50 bambini e madri incinte malnutrite/i presso i Centri di salute a base comunitaria di Bouna e Téhini

- Creazione 10 micro-imprese sostenibili di gruppo e 50 individuali e un circuito virtuoso di solidarietà per generare ulteriori 10 micro-imprese di gruppo e 50 individuali

- Un totale di 200 beneficiari diretti e 1000 indiretti

- Introduzione di buone pratiche nutrizionali per i bambini tra i 6 ei 59 mesi, le donne incinta e in generale gli adulti, coinvolgendo piu’ di 4000 persone

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