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The song "Mediterraneo" is closely connected to Interlife's mission: to allow extremely poor and vulnerable people to ensure a better present and future for their families. The song was born from the strong desire to want to do something concrete in the face of a humanitarian tragedy that involves us all.


None of us can turn our eyes and our backs on thousands of women, men and children forced to leave their lands, facing a dangerous and terrible journey. The Interlife Toolkits give another possibility: choose to stay, without risking your life and without tragically detaching yourself from your families and from your land.

How did "mediterraneo" come about?

talks livio magnini artistic director and producer

talks giorgia gambini, author of "Mediterraneo" and president of Interlife

what is the goal of "Mediterraneo"?

The "Mediterraneo" compilation aims to raise awareness on the tragedy of migrants, raise awareness of the alternative offered by Interlife and raise funds for a Humanitarian Project that will help over 2,000 extremely poor and vulnerable people in the Ivory Coast.

We must immediately start sustainable and solidarity activities of food and economic security, the Interlife Toolkits , to save the lives of thousands of families.

The "Mediterraneo" EP is a non-profit operation whose proceeds will be entirely allocated to the humanitarian project of Interlife.

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