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Environmental impact

The Toolkit model is a totally sustainable green model. Each Toolkit is designed not only geared to the needs of beneficiaries and of local markets but also and particularly to the environment and the conservation and promotion of natural resources. 

The production cycle of the various Toolkits offered by Interlife is totally sustainable and aims to valorise the natural resources present locally facilitating a growth path which is responsible, sustainable and balanced, which respects the environment, biodiversity and today’s and tomorrow’s natural assets.

Ecological and Organic approach

All the Toolkits are Organic, they follow the principles of Agroecology and promote reforestation.  

Responsible Animal Husbandry & Animal Welfare

Animal Husbandry activities follow National standards and ministerial guidelines.  Only basic vaccines are administered in compliance with International health protocols for infectious diseases and epidemics (OIE, FAO)

Farm-to-table local production​

Toolkits promote local development and favour the consumption of local products and low impact marketing.

Circular Green Economy​

The Toolkit model is based on the safeguard and valorisation of natural resources, it promotes the integration of agricultural and animal husbandry activities for the production of biofertilisers and the natural feeding of animals

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