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Training and Internships

In this section you will find all the information and the latest news to take part in training and internships at the Interlife Onlus offices in Italy and abroad.


Catholic University of Sacred Heart

Since January 2013, Interlife Onlus has signed an agreement with the Catholic University for the conduct of internships, training and orientation.

Contact us to find out more. (cliccare)


University of Modena and Reggio Emilia 

In July 2013, the agreement between Interlife Onlus and the Master in International Cooperation - Design and management of interventions, disability and emergencies that will open the doors to new interns in the cooperation projects of Interlife Onlus, was signed.

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Other Internship Opportunities 

 If you have already finished your studies and are looking for an internship opportunity or if your University has not yet signed an agreement with Interlife Onlus, contact us and we will create an ad hoc internship programme together.

Contact us to find out more.


The experiences of the interns

After a few months internship at the Interlife Onlus Project Design Department?, Valentina flew to Dublin from where she wrote a  personal feedback on her internship experience at Interlife.

"The experience at Interlife was really important for me. The design activities in which I have been involved are constantly aimed at the development of projects and during the months I spent at Interlife I had the opportunity to understand how to use the tools that I had only studied until then.

I was involved in practical activities from the start with the constant support of both the tutor and the manager. What has impressed me most is certainly the work environment. The people I met and who collaborate with this association are always available and open to new ideas, they are always ready to give each other a hand, even the newcomer has the opportunity to give his/her contribution and to feel really useful.

I am really happy to have had the opportunity to contribute to the work of this association and I am fully satisfied with the internship experience that Interlife has offered me. "

- Valentina C., Interlife intern -

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