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Coronavirus emergency

The Coronavirus knows no borders, the epidemic that has hit our country so hard is now spreading all over the world.

In India it is growing rapidly and while people in cities are taking the necessary precautions against the virus, in rural areas the poorest castes do not know how to protect themselves. Most of the population, mostly illiterate, lives in villages, without access to health services, isolated and excluded from information and prevention circuits. 

Interlife is immediately on the field to stem the risks of the spread of the coronavirus in the poorest rural villages of South India.

Thanks to the Interlife Mobile Clinic program, a major information campaign is underway relating to the risks and prevention measures from Coronavirus for the poorest rural population of 160 villages: awareness-raising meetings for women's groups, posters with preventive measures to be adopted at entrance of each village, over 10 000 information flyers to be distributed to families. 

Interlife health personnel have already stepped up their shifts and are working overtime to reach the poorest and most illiterate population, house by house.

Alongside the information and medical campaigns, to multiply the effects of prevention and stop the virus and poverty aggravated by the general lockdown, we are also intervening with the Toolkit model that allows us to maximize the intervention and make it lasting and sustainable. We have started a first Toolkit production of protective masks and disinfectant sanitary products to be distributed in the poorest villages: an innovative system to prevent, take care of the weakest and create a circle of solidarity and development within the community.

Our Varsha, Pomathi, Kamachi, and many other beneficiaries of the sewn Toolkit, thanks to the help of many donors and the on-site support of Interlife, immediately converted their business into a Toolkit Mask and have already started producing masks. for the most vulnerable people! 
Together with them, Jenila, Mariya, Samiksha, Jancyrani, Sneha, and other wonderful women are creating disinfectants and sanitizers for hands and environments. This will help their whole village!

But these women need to become 10 and then 30 and then 50 ... because too many villages and too many people are still at risk!

Help us too!

In the very poor villages of South India, the Coronavirus risks wreaking havoc without age differences,
as people who live in absolute poverty
they are ALL extremely and equally vulnerable.

your contribution NOW can protect entire villages from the spread of the epidemic and save many lives.

Help us now 

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