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Improve in practice the living conditions of  an entire village through the start-up of a dairy farming and daily sale of milk activity with which to feed the family;  have a regular income and help in turn another needy family in another village!


• Raw materials: a heifer from local herds, fodder and animal feed.
• Equipment and work materials for the construction of a cowshed and tools for milking and milk conservation.  
• Vocational training course and teaching material on cattle breeding and milk production.

• Training on the management of small-scale economic activities and marketing.
• Networking: support for the formation of a dairy farmers and milk producers’ cooperative.
• The possibility of having fresh milk every day to integrate the only daily meal and the nutrition of all the children of the village!
• Personal and economic well-being for all the family
• Assistance for the donation of a Toolkit to another person!

With a donation of 50€ per month, equal to only 1.66 € per day, you change the life of an entire village
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