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The "Mediterraneo" compilation aims to raise awareness on the tragedy of migrants, to raise awareness of the alternative offered by Interlife and to raise funds for a Humanitarian Project that will help men, women and children of the Ivory Coast in serious need.


Over 2000 extremely vulnerable people are waiting to start their economic and food security activity, or their “ Interlife Toolkit ”. A concrete alternative to the abandonment of one's own land and the often fatal journey of thousands of men, women and children along the route of the Mediterranean Sea.


The "Mediterraneo" music compilation was directed and produced by Livio Magnini of Bluvertigo and with Jo D'Ambrosio as coadjutor to the promotion. The artists participated: Lena Lane, TolKins, Mahant, the violinist Manrico Padovani and the President of Interlife, Giorgia Gambini.


The “Mediterraneo” video, which gives the compilation its title, was made by Livio Macchia.


The “Mediterraneo” musical operation is another concrete project of Interlife, which gives everyone the opportunity to make their own contribution against the culture of indifference.

livio magnini: artistic director and producer


Livio Magnini, producer and artistic director of the "Mediterraneo" compilation, Bluvertigo guitarist and composer, has been a nationally renowned producer for years. He has collaborated with important artists of the Italian music scene such as the singer "Giorgia".

He says of the "Mediterraneo" project: “I chose to support Interlife and the Toolkit project because it seems to me a valid way to create jobs and employment as well as sustainability within their own countries without having to emigrate. In addition, the "Mediterranean" project behind the Interlife Onlus is in my opinion an excellent way of making everyone understand that at this moment we are all connected, one with the other and we must take care of ourselves, and therefore of everyone. There is no distinction of race, religion or geography. We must be united to try to improve the quality of life for all "

Jo D'Ambrosio, coadjutor of the " Mediterraneo " project and manager of Lena Lane, has been working for years in the music industry and has given great support to the project thanks to her in-depth knowledge of the sector.

He says of " Mediterraneo ": "I think that music is one of the most effective and powerful means of communication to convey any type of message. It is not the first time that I participate in social projects. In fact, when Interlife proposed me to collaborate for the realization of a musical Ep with the aim of raising funds for the support of extremely poor communities, I accepted immediately. I believe that every human being must have a just cause like this at heart. I was very impressed by the idea of Interlife to create a Toolkit to create job opportunities and food security: the beneficiaries themselves become promoters of the development of their own community. It is a very innovative form of help. "

manrico padovani: international violinist and soloist

Manrico Padovani, a Swiss violinist of Italian origins, is defined by specialized critics as "Mago del Violino", for his musical intensity and technical agility. He has also collaborated with Interlife on other occasions and was recently nominated for the German Opus Klassik Award.


He says of the "Mediterraneo" project: "I decided to participate with my violin in the" Mediterraneo "compilation, because after seeing their work, I firmly believe in Interlife and its projects, in the possibility of giving valid alternative solutions to people who out of desperation they choose to leave, often going to their deaths. Interlife tries to be able to help them directly in their places of origin, especially with the "Toolkit Interlife" tool invented by them which deserves to be rewarded ...
With this song we want to give a message of hope and possibility, because I firmly believe that a person can achieve great results if placed in the right conditions to be able to flourish. Thanks a lot to everyone!"

giorgia gambini: president of interlife and singer

Giorgia Gambini, president of Interlife Onlus and singer on this occasion decided to publish the Mediterranean song driven by the strong desire to generate a radical change through the Interlife Toolkit. She is the singer of the songs: Mediterraneo, Les Jeux sont faits and Secret Face.


He says of the "Mediterraneo" project: “Thanks to Livio Magnini, to all the artists who believed in us and participated in this project, to the whole Interlife team and to the possibility of carrying out a concrete development project in the Ivory Coast.
Thanks to the Mediterraneo compilation, we want to distribute 400 Toolkits in Africa to help over 2000 people in extreme need of help and at the risk of their lives. The Toolkit is our innovative response and triggers, in the poorest communities where we operate, a mechanism of social and economic development that is non-welfare and that can be repeated by helping more and more people. "

LENA lane: singer

Lena Lane, sing, is one of the artists who participated in the compilation. His desire to help the world is great, having already had past collaborations with nonprofits. She is the singer of the song: Il Dono.


She says of the "Mediterraneo" project: " I am very happy to collaborate with Interlife with my song" Il Dono ". Interlife is an organization that protects very poor populations in India and Africa through a new development model, the Interlife Toolkit, through a multiplicative chain effect. Interlife has decided to create a musical EP in which you will also find "The Gift" and the proceeds will be donated entirely to over 2000 people in the Ivory Coast, including children who unfortunately are subjected to situations of abuse and labor exploitation and many other problems. Donate too and help solve these problems, because they concern us and together we can really make a difference! "


TolKins, singer, is one of the artists who participated in the compilation. In his experience he boasts numerous collaborations with famous artists and has decided to participate in the "Mediterraneo" project for his great spirit of solidarity and humanitarianism. He is the lead singer of the song: Big Yellow House

He says of the "Mediterraneo" project: "I am very honored to have participated in the" Mediterraneo "project, I thank Livio Magnini and all the Interlife team and I invite you to listen to and download the Mediterraneo compilation"

Mahant: producer


Mahant, producer, is one of the artists who participated in the project. Driven by the desire to raise values ​​such as solidarity, equality and freedom, he chose to include the song he produced within the compilation to give a strong message. He is the producer of the song: Scared.


He says of the "Mediterraneo" project: "All lives matter! Life is sacred! I believe that music achieves a high purpose when it's done for something good, something that can help the weakest. I am happy and grateful to be able to participate in this project. " - " All lives matter! Life is sacred! I believe that music achieves a high purpose when it is made for something good, something that can help the weakest. I am happy and grateful to be able to participate in this project."




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